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IBM Laptops!!

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The S3 Savage IX chips have some dated drivers. The previous generation Savage 4/2000 family had horrible performance and driver buggy-ness. I don't know if S3 has those same problems with the Savage IX's or not. Later intergrated S3 Savage videochips seemed to work fine (if not fast) with the current CM series.

I'd guess, broadly, that the Savage IX will work, but you may see some graphic anomalys (alpha blending bugs, etc.) or some graphic features may not be supported (fog). The S3 Savage IX will NOT cut it for CMx2 whatsoever.

Basically an ATI-based laptop would be better, especially if you're thinking of CMx2 (which probably won't run too great on a vast majority of laptops though). However as Redwolf points out there are some graphical glitches with the IBM-provided ATI drivers. Sometimes you can apply a newer ATI release utilizing 3rd party re-packaging of newer Catalyst drivers (such as the "Omega" drivers) which can contain INF files to recognize the ATI Mobile Radeons.

Are you actually intending to purchase the T23 or do already own it ? If you prefer the IBM Thinkpads, then the T43 would be a better buy in terms of its graphical performance for CM ( ATI Mobility Radeon X300 w/64MB shared memory). The "shared memory" ("Hypermemory" as ATI calls it for their DDR2-based chips) isn't the greatest performance option, but unfortunately almost universally common on laptops.

Somewhat similar is the Dell Inspiron 6000 which has an optional upgrade to the Radeon X300 video for a dediated 128MB of VRAM.

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Uh... I don't know if a G4 laptop can run/boot directly into OS 9.x. I'm under the impression that it can't. I'm not speaking of "Compatibility Mode", which isn't exactly the same since it is still running in the OS X environment. My initial guess is that NO, you won't be able to use that laptop for the current CM series (which is unfortunate, since it would otherwise probably have worked fine). You should be able to use it for CMx2 however, once the Mac/PowerPC version is released (which may be after the Windows version is released).

Sorry to be such a bearer of bad tidings. You can still try out the ThinkPad T23 and see how well it works. The last driver for the Savage IX series is on the somewhat newer side compared to all of the bad ones of the past (2001 and earlier). As I said in the past, the integrated Pro-SavageDDR video chips have worked with their newer drivers for the current CM series.

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No 'tis true the G4 laptop isn't old enough to be able to boot into OS9 directly instead of running it in "Classic" mode. I did try the Mac demo however. I can't recall at the moment whether the T23 was up to the task but I know I must have tried something and then run into some cryptic error that I wouldn't know whether it was a graphics card error or something else.

When are they claiming to actually have the CMx2 version working?

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