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CMBO and CMBB demo in game freezing


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tyan 1854 mother board

p3 733 mhz

256 ram

via chipset

geforce 2 mx

soundblaster live

With this set up cmbo never froze or crashed nor did the cmbb demo.I then put in a ti 4600 geforce 4 to help run cmbb better.Since its been in the demo and cmbo freeze up during the game and I have to reboot.I did not get cmbb yet.Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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Your GeForce 4 may be a bit much for your motherboard. I'm not sure if the GeForce 4 would have a different AGP Driving Value (CMOS/BIOS Setup). Usually I would have assumed that it would match the previous GeForce 2, but it may not. You usually don't want to screw with the AGP Driving Value since your AGP video may not come up again if you select the wrong value (you'd have to use a PCI video card to change the value again so that AGP would work).

Did you install the new driver over the old one or did you uninstall the old driver first ? Or was it necessary to reinstall the video driver ? Which driver version are you using ? I highly suggest not using the 40.41's right now.

You may want to get PowerStrip 3.28 or RivaTuner 2.0 (Videocard Utilities > Overclocking and Tweaking > RivaTuner 2.0) and see if any the parameters you can change with these programs helps your stability.

I'd also suggest installing (if you haven't already) the VIA 4-in-1 v. 4.43's. If you're running Windows 98 (or possibly ME) then I'd suggest downloading the v. 4.35's instead (further down the page). I've heard some problems with the latest versions of the 4-in-1's with Win9x.

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I was going to post this to the loading issue thread, since I have that problem as well, but this one seems more appropriate

I too am suffering from a lock-up problem with the full version of CMBB.

The game will run for awhile, but then my machine freezes and I have to reset it. It's been very hot here in Sacramento, so I'm hoping this is just a heat issue. I will try the driver suggestions this afternoon, after I get home from the salt mines.

The System:

Athlon T-bird 700 on a FIC mobo

256meg PC133 ram

60 gig IBM hard drive

Nvidia GeForce II GTS w/32meg vram

using Nvidia driver version

Win98 SE

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