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drawing borders, create neutrals

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: Vichy your map

Design Summary:

When you conquer a country, you might simply want to create a new government, or better, create a new minor for your side.

Allow a player to draw borderlines of his choosing when he has conquered a country (which would have had to surrender first, of course).

a) you conquer a country, install a new government and release it into neutral status again.

The country is neutral again, but favors your side, leaning toward your side with quite a high percantage. It would be easy now to receive conyos or other economical help from this country. It might be even possible to convince the new government (by politic chips) to enter the war on your side. Army size etc. would have to be adjusted according for the neutral time

B) you conquer a country and annex some of its areas. The map shows the new borders.

Annexations should shock neutral countries (at least the adjactened ones), bringing them closer toward your opponents. If released into neutrality the neutral country should leaning strongly toward your enemy, urging to reclaim its beloved landscapes

c) you conquer a part of an enemy country, where some seceders live (example: yugoslavia=croatia, serbia, montenegro, USSR: latvia, ukraine, belorussia) and grant part of the conquered land masses independence, creating a neutral buffer or a weak minor between you and your enemies.

d) you fight against an enemy country, which offers a peace (!) in change for a slightly loss

of land. If you accept, you get the promised ot chosen bit land, and the giving country changes into a minor, leaning toward your enemy, urging to reclaim somehow and somtime back their offered prize.

Background: as axis player it would be nice to create your own vichy, to annex austria, to release ireland into a german loving neutrality etc.

as russian player it would be nice to create you own "free" satelit states, to move poland westward, to annex east prussia etc.

as allied player it would be nice to part germany into 3 different minor states (bavaria, saxony, prussia) or to grant israel independence.

Scripted map changes (russo-finnish winter war map changes) wouldn't be nescessary any more.

Why this design wish:

the maps did change in and after WW1 and WW2, and in a game against the AI it could give you unbelievable satisfaction if you see the map changing because of your actions. How often have you played a game against the ai and thought to yourself. "well, i would consider peace talks, but this land would have to stay under my influence and that river there woudl have to be the new border between these to stated / alliances) but generous as i am i would withdraw completly out of the region while i would need this harbor for my fleet of course......

Problem 1:

we would need a complete historical background for the map (ethnical majorities / minorities)

so that the ai would be able to use this feature

Problem 2:

there is no such thing a a map-draw possibility in a running game

maybe the player should be asked to choose out of some predone alternitives

Problem 3:

there is no such thing like a seperate peace in the game

Problem 4:

The AI, the AI, the AI. And the AI.

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