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Z Mask

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ok here goes

i know that for radeon cards you have to get the rage3d program and turn off the z mask to get rid of the jitters. but i have tried to live with the rage3d program many times and it really rubs me the wrong way. is there any way to turn off the z mask by changing a registry key or doing something like that. ever since i got my radeon i quit playing cmbb just because of the low framerate, but i really want to start playing again, and if i could make it playable without having to use that abominable program, i would be very happy, especially considering all the time it took for my mom to let me use her credit card to buy the bundle.

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I'm guessing here, but I believe that the Rage 3D Tweaker makes registry entries. I believe you could remove it from startup (it either loads from the Startup group or from an entry in the registry). Removing the program from startup should keep the registry entry (which effects the driver - it isn't an entry for the Tweaker program). However, if you perform an uninstall, it will probably remove the registry entries.

I haven't looked, but you could probably copy out (as a separate .reg file) the registry entries for the ATI driver that the Tweaker puts in and run the uninstall for the Tweaker. After this you could reinstall/copy the registry settings you copied out earlier and get the same benefits.

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alright i got it to work

here's the steps in case anyone else wants to do this without the rage3d program. not sure if this is worth telling everyone though.

1)go into the registry by clicking on the start menu, click run, type regedit and hit enter.

2)go to: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{D97A9C59-1736-43FC-8DCE-0F3C770A906F}\0000\

3)If you do not have Zmaskenabler in the above folder, you will need to get the rage3d program and enable the Z Mask option. then continue ->

4) In that registry folder, find the entry labeled ZMaskEnable. right click it, click modify, and type a 0 in the popup that appears.

5)Click ok, get out of the registry and you're done.

the way i found this out is that rage3d has an option in the "tweaker" tab called tweaker regkey mode. enable it, restart rage3d, and rage3d will now show you which key it is modifying if you right click the option you want.

[ September 15, 2003, 06:33 PM: Message edited by: Timmothias ]

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