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800x600 error,new drivers,directX9.0b,geforcefx5200....help!

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i can't get my CMBB to run since i upgraded.

the problem is this; i launch the game,sounds ok i get the battlefront .com start scene but its too big, bigger than it was when the game worked before upgrade.... and then the screen goes black and the message say game must be in 800x600 to run. then it kicks out to the desktop.

my settings are for 800x600. I have tried higher.my refresh rate is 60 Hz. i read what they say on the support page and it doesnt work....( I have a geforce5200 card with the new drivers from nvidia and have updated my directx to 9.0b) I am using the correct driver for my monitor. I have deleted the BBprefs file from CMBB. I got rid of that MShotfix they mentioned.

i think the game is somehow not getting the settings from the desktop. I tried a couple custom settings programs reccomended by nvidia support but they didnt do anything different, so i unloaded them.

I have tried everything i can think of...anybody got some ideas? HELP!!!!

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It would be more helpful if you kept this in the original thread that you posted this question to. If you don't respond to a thread, we're not going to know if any of the suggestions have helped or not.

If you feel the thread is not getting the attention that it should, you can always 'bump' it by putting your own 'reply' to it requesting more info.

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