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Help for my acer 202t...


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I have installed CMBO on my new notebook -acer 202t-, upgraded to 1.12, and seem to run pretty good. But... there is a BUT! In the desktop that I own when a soldier enter in a building this become transparent! This not happen on the notebook. The building isn't transparent. Is this normal? And the transparent is only from a MOD? If yes, where i can get the mod? If no, is normal that the buildings become transparent with someone in, someone has the solution?

Thanks, Marco :rolleyes:

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Building transparency is a feature of CM. Press Shift + O on your keyboard to see what the building transparency setting is set at. When it is off the walls of the building will disappear (as they used to in the CM Beta Demo). My guess however is that the video driver/chipset for your Acer doesn't support transparencies. You could possibly try updating the driver for your laptop's video, but I'm under the impression that it most likely may not support transparencies.

Acer Travelmate 200 Series drivers (you'll need to know what version of Windows you're running). You can also try updating ('flashing') your BIOS, though I fairly certain that it will have no bearing on your CM problem:


Laptops, unfortunately, may have the largest number of video problems with CM since their video capabilities are often much less than desktop video cards. Your particular video chip may not be performing 3D or if it is, it has limited performance capabilites (among them the lack of transparencies). Laptop video drivers also get updated far less often than desktop video drivers. Most laptop vendors concerns for compatibility are with productivity applications (word processors, email, browsers, etc.) and power saving features rather than games (which tend to require the most frequent fixes for video drivers). So the problems you see now may not get fixed/addressed.

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