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Playing CM TCP/IP from 2 PC's connected(Lan)

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I'm asking if one can play CM-TCP/IP but without internet connection-but hooking 2 PC's thru

the Nic/on brd Nic-is there anything special to do

can you do the samething-one hosts as other one

connects to IP address or do I have to bo thru network on control panel-both PC's have XP-so it should be ok but if one has Win-98SE and XP then you would have to go thru the control panel? :eek:

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Maybe you should fix your shift key before fiddling with the network, and get question mark keys and similar? I don't rely to more messasage screwed up like that.

If your ethernet cards are not Gigabit Ethernet, then you either need to use a hub/switch or a crossed cable, somethings called crossover cable, to directly connect them. The automatic discovery of the speed might fail and speed would have to be set manually in that case.

If it's Gigabit Ethernet, then the cards will do the crossing themself and you can use any cable or direct connection, and speed negotiations seem to be pretty reliable.

Of course you don't have DHCP on a direct cable and while there's some lameass MS-special IP address automation, that sometimes fails. So it might be required to set IP addresses manually.

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Assuming your LAN is configured properly, you shouldn't have to do anything special to play CMBO, even on computers with different OSs installed. If the 2 computers can already see each other, you should be good to go. You will need to know the address of the host computer, so that you can access the game...just enter it in the box on the second computer when it asks for the TCP/IP address of the game.

On the XP machine, hit start, run, type in ipconfig at the dos prompt, and it'll tell you the IP address of that machine...it'll be something like's last 2 numbers that will differentiate the various machines on the LAN

Using the XP machine as the host, when you start the game on the 2nd computer, you just type the addy of the 1st one in the TCP/IP box, and you should be off and running.

Your post is not entirely clear...if you DO NOT have a LAN, then you will need a crossover cable to connect the PCs through the NIC. I've never tried to do it w/o going through a LAN, so I dont' know how that works with CMBO.

Honestly, with the price of switches and hubs these days, that may be the path of least resistance...I've seen outrageous prices on crossover cables at the retail level.

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A switch costs $30.

A router/switch $60

A router/switch with firewall $80

I do not know what your configurations are, but the router with firewall would be the "best" starting point should you have/plan a broad band connection to the internet.

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