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CMBB pnzer lVH/G Whiteout Problem

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I have an ATI Radeon 9200 video card on winXP.

With Panzer lVH/G(L43 version of the G model) the vehicle graphic in the game is completely white with the side profile data showing the Panther TANK. This is only a problem with these 2 tanks and the Russian ampulette flame gun.

I have CMBB V 1.03 all else works ok.

Any help appreciated, THX.

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Looks like there are some BMP files missing in your BMP folder.

Here are the BMP ranges for the Pz IV models with 75/L43 cannon:

Pz IV F2 (grey): 12040 - 12059

Pz IV F2 (yellow): 112040 - 112059

Pz IV G early (grey): 13960 - 13979

Pz IV G early (yellow): 113960 - 113979

Pz IV G (grey): 14700 - 14719

Pz IV G (yellow): 114700 - 114719

The first file in each range is the side hull graphics, the last one is the profile pic. Please note that there might be some unused filenumbers in each range.

When a BMP file is missing, the 3d engine displays white color and the interface shows a Panther as default.


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Thank's for the tipoff!

I reloaded CMBB and the .bmp files that had become corrupted, were restored and all vehicles are back to normal. Thank you for the quick response as well. I wish all game companies were like this!

EDIT; I spoke too soon. I just added the 1.03 patch and the vehicles are whited out again, or the Panzer mark.4H is anyway.

EDIT no#2; Made the mistake of not applying the patches in order. Problem solved.

[ March 04, 2005, 06:09 PM: Message edited by: travisbarton51 ]

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