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Public Beta can't get started


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Greetings all...

When I double-click the beta patch shortcut, the game doesn't load. I notice that an "errorlog.txt" file gets generated. When I view the file, the error message reads:

GSound.cpp 2479

ERROR: GSound.cpp line 676

Can someone help me with this? I've played games for many years, but I'm relatively new to on-line gaming... so I'm sorry I don't know where to troubleshoot!


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I assume that you don't have this problem with 1.05 (which you may want to retry to double check) ? Do you have any sound mods loaded up or have you customized any of the sounds in CM yourself ? It looks like the CM BETA is having a problem interacting with your sound drivers (if you have a sound card). If you don't have a sound card, then the BETA isn't going to run on your system (though the full 1.1 patch should).

If you do have a sound card then it's possible that your sound drivers are somehow too sensitive to the BETA's debug routines (though this would be unlikely reason). You'll probably want to fill out the "Bug Report" document that came with the BETA and email it to Madmatt.

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