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diplomatic enhancements

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: give and receive econimc aid to / from minor countries

Design Summary:

a) enable players to give a specific amount of economic aid to "neutral" minor countries.

Limit the amount per turn (example: not more than 5 or 10 or 15 $ per game turn).

The receiving minor should save these payments until it has enough to buy a new unit or to buy a tech advane for an existing unit / city.

If the minor was able to buy something from the money, than this should result in a diplo shift zowards the donoring playing. (Example: Sweden received for 20 turns economic aid from the US, buys with it an additional corps, and happy about this events it shifts 5 or 10% towards the allies.

B) if a minor leaning more than, well let us say 79% (just to have number) toward an alliance, than let it give his favored alliance a specific percantage of its income.

If there is a land conection, than let the player receive this income unhindered.

If there oceans between the countries, install a convoy lane.

With thiese additions it could be wise to give economic aid and to invest politic points into countries instead of simply invade each and everyone.

The russians could invest into turkey (to improve its defenses if the axis would ever want to invade turkey) or the germans could waste a politic influence chip to get switzerland a bit nearer towards the axis, just near enough to rfinaly eceive some income from it.

Right now neutral minors don't grow stronger, which might be a bit awkward if the war goes on for years in their direct neighborhood. In a world war, you do spend more and more money into your armed forces, even if you try to stay neutral. Or maybe especialy if you try to stay neutral ("DON'T TOUCH OUR SOIL!").

Right now players don't receive income from neutral minors (except from a handful exceptions like norway or saudi arabia), but the 3rd Reich did recieved plenty from neutral (!) countries like Switzerland. And even from neutral Russia (!!!) as well. But of course not through naval convoy lines. There is no "Land convoy" implentet into the game (at least as far as i know).

There would be probably needed a way to show a minor country, that you side is very angry about its help towards your enemy. Some kind of political pressure, like "stop it, or face the consequences". This should be possible when this country barely has enough % to start helping an alliance. Example: if switzerland starts to pay to germany when leaning 55 % or more % towards the axis, it should be possible to try to end this help as long as switzerland is only leaning 56-60% towards the axis. the allied player could choose to pit political pressure onto Switzerland. If this political pressure was successful, than the siwtzerland loses some sympathy for the axis, returning to 54% (smply just enough not to pay anything toward the axis).

It the pressure attemp failed, than there should be a chance that the attemp backfire, pushing the Swiss a bit nearer towards the axis, maybe just enough, that simple politcial pressure can't be used by the allies again (maybe up to 61%). If the allied player still wants to end the swiss help for the axis, he would have to invest into politcal chips, economic aid or declare war and conquer switzerland (later one might be not such a bright idea) .

Problem 1:

Saving accounts for neutral countries are probably hard to create and to use, and the ai would have to learn to buy something meaningful from the money

Problem 2:

very small countries like switzerland could get a problem to place all their units on the map (if they received from all sides over years aid and get finaly attacked or convinced to join one belligerent side in the war)

Problem 3:

Another step away from a simple, easy to learn game

Problem 4:

how to calculate the political pressure result

Problem 5:

just amother "luck" element in the game (political pressure attemp)

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