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81.85 Nvidia Forceware Drivers and Combat Mission...

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After installing my new video card today, I decided to surf out to Nvidia.com to get the latest/greatest video driver. 77.76 was what came with the card and this worked great with Combat Mission. 81.85 was available for download, so I downloaded and installed the driver. Combat Mission didn't work so good after that. I ended up rolling the driver back to the 77.76 version and everything is fine now.

Just an FYI for those interested.

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The 2d elements like the text were missing. I tried it very quickly and when I launched CMBB, I knew right away that something wasn't right. I couldn't see the buttons to launch into a game and allot of text wasn't on the screen.

As soon as I rolled back the driver to 77.76, everything was back to normal.

Not sure if this has anything to do with the new card that I got but since the 77.76 drivers work fine, I would think that the card doesn't enter into it.

Let me know if I can supply more details.

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I had ForceWare v77.77 installed and that worked fine with CMBB/CMAK.

Installed v81.85 last night for my 2 x nVidia 6800Ultra's (in SLi) and will have a look tonight to see if I have the same problem as you in CM.

It seems that you have the same 2D corruption with your v81.85 drivers that I had earlier with the version 6~ Forceware drivers. Once I installed the version 7~ drivers I had no problem. Hope the probelm does not return with the 8 series drivers :(

Will report back by tomorrow if my v81.85 work well.

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OK, I'm back.

Happy to report that my v81.85 ForceWare drivers are working fine with CMAK/CMBB with my SLi'ed nVidia 6800 Ultras. Jack, if you have trouble with yours, I suggest, as Redwolf did, to read this page carefully regarding installing/removing drivers. Especially regarding the proper removal of older drivers.

Oh yes, I've noticed a "problem" in CMAK with the new drivers from nVidia: As soon as the gun smoke dissipates, after a tank fires his main gun, the smoke particles turn from white to a slight hue of green at the very moment just before the smoke disappear. A minor problem really.

[ October 31, 2005, 12:00 AM: Message edited by: WineCape ]

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I have a problem that might be related: when I take screenshots during the movie-phase many parts of the screen (vehicles, trees, units) disappear; sometimes a few, sometimes everything apart from the ground-surface.

Also the 2D text in the panel below is missing in the screenshot.

I find this mildly annoying because I like taking screenshots. When I pause the movie I can take the screenshots without problems though.

Anybody recognize this?

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Erik Springelkamp -

I'd highly suggest pausing the action anyway. Your computer is playing back the video while at the same time attempting to capture the screen (dump a graphic file to disk). The exact moment that the screen capture is bound to occur is unknown to you. During these fractions of a second screen elements are redrawn, so it is highly likely that you will miss several elements that haven't been redrawn yet. Pausing the action allows the screen capture to pull down exactly what you're seeing on screen since it isn't task switching between the screen capture and redrawing the screen.

I'm not sure if other screen capture software does this better than the standard 'Print Screen' or not (assuming that you're using a PC).

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I tried re-installing the 81.85's again and got better results than the first time, but still not good. I also experienced the ghostly blinking. I followed the instructions that were posted, but did not use any sort of driver cleaner. Perhaps I need to use a cleaner to get rid of the old driver.

I went back to the old driver and it works fine.

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