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Networking options

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I just got a new computer and was wondering whether I could network it with my old computer to be able to play CM head-to-head using both computers. I have no networking experience, but have tinkered with minor computer upgrades, so I’m hoping this is something that won’t be too difficult for me.

Here is what I have -

New computer:

AMD Athlon XP 2800 processor

512 RAM

Windows XP Home

Integrated 10/100Base-T networking

2 PCI expansion slots available

1 AGP expansion slot available (plan to upgrade with a video card)

Old computer:

Intel Celeron

256 RAM

Windows 98 SE

10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)

2 PCI expansion slots available

The old computer is currently using the Ethernet card to connect to the Internet via a cable modem.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to link these two computers so CM can be played TCP/IP? If so, what equipment would I need, and would a wireless network be an option?



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Here is a link to a site explaining how to set up a direct cable network for any Windows OS.


I've set up networks from Windows XP home to Windows 95, to Windows ME and Windows 2000. You will have to buy a Direct Connect Cable. I got one at Best Buy. It connects from printer port to printer port on both computers.

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If both computers are setup with the TCP/IP protocol (default in XP, an installable option off the Windows CD in 98) and assigned an IP address (such as and, then you should be able to play the 'TCP/IP' option for head-to-head.

If you're using your network connection to connect to the Internet via a broadband device, then there may be some other things to consider when it comes to wiring and IP addresses.

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