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Upgrading to Ver 1.03

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When upgrading from an earlier version of CMBB to version 1.03 will this affect any secenario's that are in the development stage and what other possible things could be affected. I am trying to play a friend in his first PBEM be he has an older version of CMBB and he is worried during upgrade that his scenario's under design will be affecct.. any input would be appreciated..



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As far as i know, its the other way around.

The patches (1.01,1.02 and 1.03) add new vehicles, so when you play a NEW scenario with an un-patched CMBB , it can crash but not when you play an old or default scenario with a default 1.0 CMBB or 1.03 CMBB.

Scenario's under development can be played the same after installing the patches, nothing will change afaik

btw you need to install ALL patches, so first 1.01, then 1.02 and 1.03.

Keep the default .exe ( rename it) and make links to both .exe's after patching so you can play both 1.0 and 1.03 if you want.


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