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"AMD K6 2 3D Now" problem

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Hi everybody,

Well, my post is not directly linked to any CM problems, but I have a question regarding my processor. Since some of you here have "above my level" computer knowledge <read as I have none smile.gif>, you may be able to help me out.

Here it is: My machine came with an AMD K6 200Mhz processor, and for CM I decided to upgrade it to a AMD K6 450Mhz 3D Now.

Recently I checked with DirectX 7.0a my processor, and how surprised and upset was I to read that my processor was still a 200Mhz one frown.gif

As a side note, I also upgraded my hard drive from a 2Gb to a 8.0 Gb while upgrading my processor. So, I can't see how W98 could fail in recognizing my new processor speed.

Any help/comments is appreciated.

Sincerely yours,


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Have you checked with the company that makes your motherboard? Are you sure you set all jumpers on your MB to support that chip? I'm running a amd K6-2 450 on win98SE with no problems.


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Thanks for the quick reply Danno.

I am right now checking the MB manufacturer's website.

Could you please elaborate more on the technical aspect of setting all jumpers on my MB to support that chip.

How do I go about setting all jumpers on my MB?

Sorry if I appear as a "PC-ignorant", but we all have to start somewhere smile.gif



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Most motherboards (though newer ones no longer require jumpers) configure themselves for supporting a CPU with jumpers. These jumper combinations tell the motherboard what voltage, frequency and multiplier to use for a certain CPU. These settings are often unique to each motherboard. If you have a manual for your motherboard (or system if you got a name-brand one) it should hopefully have instructions on setting the jumpers to support your CPU (these may be switches instead of jumpers).

That is a good jump in CPU speed from 200Mhz to 450Mhz. Your motherboard may not specifically support your new CPU. The AMD K6-2 450 uses a "front side bus" of 100Mhz (your 200Mhz used a 66Mhz "fsb"). Your board may not support this frequency. Also your new CPU may require a lower voltage than your old one (1.9 - 2.2V, I can't remember). This information is often printed on the top of the AMD CPUs (voltage and frequency).

So basically your motherboard would possibly need to support a lower voltage, a 100Mhz bus speed ("fsb") and have a "clock multiplier" of 4.5X. Without these settings you probably won't get much more out of your CPU than what your previous 200Mhz was doing. There is also the possibility that if your motherboard doesn't support your CPU that you may damage it if the voltage is too high.

Also there may be the matter of updating your BIOS, which leads into the possiblity of different revisions of your board. Sometimes a manufacturer may support certain CPUs and features with a certain revision of the board. Previous revisions usually can't be modified to do the same thing (in other words you would need a new motherboard).

The other remaining caveat here is that if you run your motherboard at 100Mhz "fsb", then you need "100Mhz DIMMs". You may current only have 66Mhz SIMMs or DIMMs. To reliably run at 100Mhz FSB you need memory certified to run at that speed (which basically only comes in 168-pin DIMMs, 72-pin SIMMs just don't support 100Mhz reliably).

So your upgrade may require a few more bucks to be spent in order to get the speed increase that you were looking for.

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MantaRay and Schrullenhaft,

You were correct, my old mother board does not support AMD K6 2 (400Mhz), so no need to even try to set the jumpers.

I have an M5ATC Biostar mother board.

Well, thanks a lot for your help. I truly appreciate it. I think that CM deserves another upgrade, so tomorrow I will be heading to the store to buy a new mother board (most likely an ASUS P5S-VM (SIS chipset).

Thanks again,



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I will be well worth the upgrade! But don't forget to buy some PC100 or PC133 memory to fill them DIMM slots. I would buy PC133, because it is the same price as PC100, and you will have less problems with latency. A new motherboard will also allow your video card to a much faster AGP card over that PCI card you currently have.

Wild Bill

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