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corrupted landmark names with V5500 and latest beta patch

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Since installing the latest beta patch for CMBO ive noticed when playing operations that the text for landmarks/place-names is corrupted.It looks much the same as the text after using "esc"to desktop.Other V5500 users will know what I mean,but have any of you noticed this new "bug"?Im running with 4xFSAA at 1024x768,and its ONLY place names that are F***ed,any clues anyone?

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Creptis, I feel for you mate. I just got a Voodoo 5 5500 and had ****loads of trouble with it. I find the best solutions to avoid any crashes, freezes, corrupted text etc is to install Direct x 8, the new Direct X compatible voodoo 5 driver and ALSO flash your motherboard bios to the latest version.

Are the names still corrupted in single chip mode? I know it looks basic in that mode but it may help i-d the problem..

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Are you using DeanCo's gunmetal mod? I had

the same problem with that, but took care of

it with his fix to 30002.bmp. If you're not

using that mod, maybe that .bmp just got

corrupted and you could recopy it off the CD.

Hope this is of some help.


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If you are getting white outs with the voodoo5 and you previously had a voodoo3, the most likely culprit is that you didn't remove all of your old voodoo3 drivers. Do a "find files" and look for anything to do with voodoo3 and delete them. You may have to uninstall your voodoo5 and completely wipe all traces of voodoo anything before doing a fresh reinstall. The white outs are a result of low textutre memory, which shouldn't happen with a 64 meg voodoo5, since they enabled large texture support, something that was missing int he voodoo3.

hope this helps,


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