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I cant get a tcp/ip game going

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Does your satellite router have some sort of firewall built-in ? It may be blocking TCP/UDP Port 7023 (though I believe CM only uses the TCP Port). You may want to check with the satellite internet provider and see if they block "higher ports". They may also be using a proxy server on their downlink side and that may also prevent 'higher ports' from being accessed.

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And these "occasional successes" are with the satellite connection and not the dial-up one ? Are these successes as someone joining a game or hosting one ? Is there any commonality with those that you have a problem playing via TCP/IP (i.e. - internet connection type, etc.) ? Have these people who you're trying to play ever hosted a TCP/IP game with another player via the internet successfully ?

CM is fairly simplistic when it comes to TCP/IP gaming. It just requires that it can talk to another player via TCP Port 7023, directly. And that is the issue, there can be so many things interfering with direct communications between two clients on the internet. Your satellite internet provider may have all sorts of issues on their downlink side. Satellite connections typically have a lot of latency and I'm not completely sure how well CM's OpenPlay API handles these latencies. Satellite providers also often use a lot of "cacheing" servers which helps speed up traffic for many common web pages. So you may not completely notice these latencies within a browser, but a direct connection to another client may show these latencies all-too-well.

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