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The CM file format is just text, so you're Mac is recognizing them as 'Simple Text' documents. Within CM there's no problem reading these files (but you'll be unable to create/edit one from scratch). Zipping/compressing the file helps preserve it from being corrupted by various methods on the net and often some scenarios come with more than just the scenario file itself but additional text and bitmaps, etc.

Most websites probably have their files compressed for several reasons, 1) it reduces the amount of webspace taken up (more space cost more money) 2) it reduces the amount of traffic for downloads, which is limited on websites; too much traffic and you start getting charged higher fees (though this usually ends up being a problem for those who have mods on their site) 3) the files will download quicker and they won't open up a separate browser page when you click on them to download (which will often happen if the file to be downloaded is a text file that a browser can read).

I assume that you have an unzipping program on your Mac. If not now's the time to get one.

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Check the preferences settings of your email program and your unzip utility. Your email program and or your unzip utility may be trying to automatically convert the CM file to a Mac text format because it thinks that the CM file is an incoming text message or an eye readible text attachment.

Using Stuffit Expander as an example ...

Run Stuffit Expander. Select the File/Preferences menu item. When the preferences window appears click on the item labeld "cross platform". You will then see a line that says something like "Convert text files to Macintosh text". Select the button labeled "never" and close the window and then quit Stuffit Expander.

If you use Microsoft Outlook Express, look for similar sounding preferences in it such as "Automatically decompress incoming attachments" and the like. Disable these things.

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