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Basic problems with downloading PBEM for CMAK 1.1 & CMBB 1.3SE

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I have not yet successfully played against a Human opponent! :(

Please can any IT technik help me out, I would greatly appreciate it thanks.

I have only got CMAK version 1.1 unfortunately while I hear that most people have got CMAK v1.3 and that this means that I can't play it with most players in PBEM!

OTOH I have a Special Edition CMBB version 1.3 SE, though that hasn't yet worked in PBEM even with an opponent who has the plain CMBB v1.3, WTF? :confused:

I have at least been able to download senarios from the proving grounds and to actually play them, though of course that has all been against the CPU AI opponent only!

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Unless you're really attached to CMAK 1.01, you can download and easily patch to 1.03 right here. If you must keep CMAK 1.01 on hand, you can just copy the CMAK executable to another directory and then perform the patch. Swapping the executable should be enough to go back and forth between the two versions.

As Phillipe said, you need to describe your problem in a bit better detail in order for any meaningful help to be offered.

Are you getting an 'error ding' sound when you attempt to load the PBEM file ? Do you know what format the file has been sent or have you saved it properly to your hard drive ? Some email services may "mangle" the PBEM data, so it may be worth it to compress the file and add it as an attachment.

Also if the PBEM data is in the body of the email, you have to make sure that you're only copy the PBEM data and not anything else.

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Oh I forgot to describe the problems that I've been having. (Forgive me I've had to do that in a number of replying emails!)

By basic I mean absolute total but not technical.

I should indicate that I am a complete and utter ludite when it comes to the way all this works, esp cos it hasn't bloody worked for me yet.

Firstly I don't know what the hell I'm doing in the first place, but the closest I've got to playing PBEM has been when I've got to hear that 'error ding' over and over and over again!

Some how I've managed to save an attatched file into the PBEM file of either CMBB or CMAK on the hard drive, but when they actually show up it's the pleasent sounding 'error ding' that I get when I click the file or try to run it whatever!

Someone sent me the copied into the email type of PBEM file thingy but I don't know what to do with the scibble yet.

Thanks Schrullenhaft for the patch thingy in your first paragraph but I'll leave it til I understand what it means.

BTW when I download senarios from the Proving Grounds do I save it as *All files*? :confused:

[ September 14, 2005, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: Zalgiris 1410 ]

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