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Upgrading to Play those LARGE games

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I presently have a AMD K6 450mhz (P5A mobo) with 128 RAM and Geforce 2 MX card. With this system I have no problems playing the run-0f-the-mill QB game of scenario. However, I am play testing a number of large games with over 15,000pts total for both side and although the Geforce handles the graphics well enough the number crutching between movies can take sometime.


If I upgrade to a 900/1 GIG Athlon would this improve matters.

I have also a compatibility problem between the Geforce and my P5A mobo. I have also heard there are problems with VIA chipset mobo's and wonder if these can easily be overcome (Most Anthlon mobo are VIA chipsets)

Thanks in advance


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Guest wwb_99

Upgrading to an Athalon would definitely improve number crunching matters. It might require a new MoBo though, I am not sure about that one. Go to the manufacturers website and see what chips and what speeds are supported.



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You will definitely need a new m/b if you upgrade to the Athlon/Thunderbird 900Mhz/1Ghz CPUs. I know NVidia updated their drivers in the past for some VIA AGP issues, though it may not fix every incompatibility.

With the Thunderbirds you'll basically have a choice of VIA (by far the most common) and AMD chipsets. I haven't heard much about the latest DDR-capable chipsets from either manufacturer. I believe an adapter is necessary to use standard SDRAM with these boards however (the DDR ones that is). SIS and ALI are currently in the process (if they haven't already) of making chipsets that are compatible with the Thunderbirds (and some new ones to support the Pentium 4's & SDR/DDR). However both of these companies don't usually make higher performance chipsets (though SIS makes better performance "economy" integrated chipsets than Intel does).

The P5A has probably been one of the more problematic boards for ASUS. Though it is one of the better SuperSocket7 boards out there, there just seems to be too many problems with the chipset (ALI - Acer, I believe) and other minor issues that can annoy gamers.

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