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Please help!

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I have a problem with my CMAK and CMBB. I have a GeforceFx 5700 (WindowsXP Home) and didn't have any problems until I installed 66.93 drivers. CM just freezes and crashes.

I uninstalled my drivers tried several drivers (when I didn't have any problems), but now CM seems to crash with all of them.

After the crash the computer automatically reboots and Windows does that error reporting thing.

Any ideas?


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Try removing the combat mission BB/AK prefs from the game folder. Re launch the game and pick the correct resolution. If this don´t help remove them again and install the driver that they used to work. Hope this helps.


EDIT to add: if these don´t work Start/Run/dxdiag should show if the new driver did something wrong to your system or something

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Are you absolutely certain you can trace your problem to an install of the 66.93 drivers ? Did you change anything else about your system at the same time (or very close to when CM started locking up) ?

How did you uninstall the drivers, via the Add/Remove Programs control panel ? Is there any info in the Event Viewer that may shed more light on this problem (Control Panel > Administrative Tools control panel > Event Viewer > Application or System categories) ? In the error dialog box there should be a link to getting more info about the problem (though most of it is highly technical), you may have to click on several links to get to something that tells you which application had a problem.

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