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White out in Text area


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My main PC died so I am trying to play using my wifes HP pavillion laptop.

CMBO loads and runs, BUT no matter what settings I use on the #3D tab (Anti-aliasing etc) the text area of the screen is white.

Display card is ATI RadeonXP 200 series

I updated the driver with 7-1-XP-dd-40211 which now shows driver version as (12-16-2006).

Mm, now I come to think of it, I moved the antialiasing up because of jagged lines, it helped this, now I have movedit back, the jagged lines did not return, is it possible my settings are not "Taking"??

Any advice will be welcome----

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Elvis - what videocard do you have and if it is a Radeon have you applied the above text fix BMPs to CMAK ? Each program needs the text BMPs copied to its respective BMP folder (the download has BMPs for each program within the zip file).

If your videocard isn't a Radeon, have you updated the drivers recently and then started noticing the problem ? Have you changed any of the Antialiasing settings for the video driver ? What is your current driver version ? Have you attempted to change your resolution within CMAK (deleting the Prefs file and going through the resolution selection process again) ?

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You uninstalled and reinstalled CMAK ? Generally that would 'trump' just changing the resolution of CM.

Are you seeing the same problem mentioned as the thread title - the text areas in the 2D screen are whited-out (making the text illegible) ? Regarding antialiasing, typically it is disabled or, to be more accurate, set to 'application-controlled' which will mean that it is off for CM's purposes.

There are some newer drivers for Nvidia ( 93.71 for XP/2000 ), but I wouldn't necessarily think that would solve your problem, but possibly it may.

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