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Desktop Crash in TCP/Ip Games

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My frequent opponent reported this bug very often in CMBO, and recently it's started again for him on CMAK. We played through the entire scenario "On the Edge" via PBEM because it always crashes for him when we tried TCP/IP.

Now we're playing another Crete battle, Waltzin' Matildas and I for the first time have experienced the error. At the end of the data transfer, when the red line reaches the end, I heard a "ping" and the game seemed to freeze. I couldn't do nothing, and after I hit enter (not sure if it was because of hitting enter or not though) the game crashed us both to the desktop. We're now going to have to resort to PBEM on this scenario as well.

Does anyone know what this could be?

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The reason that CMBO crashed often in TCP/IP games was the 'captured crew bug'. When a crew got captured the player receiving the movie turn would crash.

I don't know the reason for any of the other TCP/IP crashes in the rest of the CM series. I'm not aware of any particular 'bug' being responsible. Typically the 'ding' sound warns you that the data has been corrupted when the game attempts to load it (PBEM, TCP/IP, etc.). It's possible that the connection has problems and during the download and thus the data gets corrupted (or something to that effect).

A typical way around this problem is to email the autosave turn on the receiving computer that crashed (which means the 'server' player has to re-do their turn). Email for a full turn or more and then possibly resume the TCP/IP session. This has been the method around the 'captured crew bug' and it may work in other situations.

I also suggest turning off any other 'internet utilities' you may have running in the background, including instant messaging clients or any other networkable-app.

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