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Bombers can Supply 1 Cut-Off Unit

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Engine: Current

Synopsis: Units cut-off from Support can receive each round support (i.e. 5, or 8?), for 1 round from Bomber units (one Unit by bomber), this costs a certain value of MPP.

Description: A cut-off Army ( i.e. in Stalingrad...) can be supported by Bombers (even in Rainy time ) if it is within range of the Bomber Unit. So if one clicks on the Bomber Unit and then on a friendly Unit which has Supply BELOW 5, then by clicking, a window opens and asks: do you want to supply this unit for the next round? then the player can click on this and send "Supply" which costs i.e. 5% of the Unit value

On the very next round this Unit then has a Supply of i.e.5 instead of 0, during ONE round.

Means if one will supply regularly a Cut-off Army ome must have a Bomber unit fully activated only for supply, which then can't do any other bombings.

Problems: ?? dont see any

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