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Guest Pershing Predator

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Guest Pershing Predator

Hey. I've been experiencing two annoying technical problems with Combat Mission, one of them having just come to light recently. First, there is the opening movie. I get no sound during it's entire length, allthough when I play that movie with my Quicktime player outside of the game, I get sound. Any ideas?

Second, there's an issue with my screen. Whenever there is a major change in screens (clicking on Create Scenario or OK or anything that causes the screen to change somehow) it is as if the mouse saves a small box-shaped section of the previous screen and overlaps it on the new screen. I know that must sound very convoluted, but i'm trying my best here. I guess what it's like is that (just as an example) whenever I click on "Create Scenario" for instance, once the screen changes and I move my pointer, part of the "Create Scenario" tab/click point/icon or whatever is still there. Not much, but just a small little section. If anyone could give me a hand with either of these problems (the latter is more important to me) I will be willing to send you any information you need to aid me with this troubleshooting process.




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Have you tried cranking up your sound when CM loads to see if the sound is actually playing (just at a lower level) ? Otherwise I'm not sure what to suggest since I believe that a .WAV file is playing the music during the intro.

As for your video problem... What video card do you have ? A couple of forum members have had this problem (a Voodoo card ?) and I believe some of them still have it. This can be a video driver or a mouse driver issue. Make sure that you're using the "Windows default" cursors or "Windows Standard". Turn off any Windows Themes you may be using (which can change the cursor or animate it). Even with these changes, some people still report this problem. In that case you can try newer mouse or video drivers, but the problem may remain. In which case a video driver update is the most likely fix.

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