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Single Player against Computer.


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I created a battle scenario but for some reason it won't let me play it as Single player vs. Computer. I don't know why. I believe it has to do with Units Purchased but i am not sure. The reason i think so follows: When i import the map into a quick battle scenario with units imported it won't let me play VS computer. However if i import JUST the map it will allow single player.

Anyone? :confused:

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The boats only operate 'properly' on water and the AI probably has a hard time dealing with 'vehicles' with such movement restrictions. I'm not sure how well the AI controls the embarking and disembarking of troops from vehicles either, possibly causing further complications. This was an issue with CMBO too.

Maybe something can be accomplished with the engine rewrite which may include some limited SOPs and unit 'memories' that may help with such things.

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