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This post is on behalf of a friend (and CMBB opponent). After downloading and playing the CMAK demo myself, I pleaded with my friend to get it, so we could try it out PBEM.

He tried to install and run the demo, and came across a problem. When the program gets to the bit about testing screen resolutions, the screen goes completely black... and stays like that. From my memory of installing CMBO, CMBB and the CMAK demo, it should only take a second or two for it to detect resolution/refresh rate or whatever.

He's running Windows XP and an nvidia graphics card. What are the likely reasons for this? Vid card drivers? DirectX? He can still run CMBB perfectly OK.

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Typically CM will start out at the current resolution, but possibly try it at a higher refresh rate than what his desktop is set at. The monitor may respond in several ways to this. One it may attempted to display the garbled image (sometimes multiplying it horizontally) or two it may just go black. CM should automatically try the next lower refresh rate at that resolution and eventually one should be reached that is displayable (assuming that the monitor hasn't turned off completely after attempting a too high refresh rate - something that should be rare with most monitors now). It may take about 5 seconds or so with each refresh rate before the next lower one is attempted. I'd have him wait for about a minute or so to be sure.

A few other things to consider... make sure nothing else is running when he launches CMAK, including Instant Messaging clients, etc. Make sure that FSAA is turned off ("Application Preference" which is usually the default or 'manually' off). Though that shouldn't make a difference for the resolution selection process, it may be something to try.

The DirectX version should usually match the video driver's requirements (i.e. - the latest drivers will require that DirectX 9.0b be installed).

If none of this works have him email me or post in this forum what resolution and refresh rate his desktop is using and I'll see if I can create a Prefs file for him (which should skip the resolution selection process).

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John, I've sent you a Prefs file set for 1024x768 @ 60Hz to your email address listed in your profile. Hopefully this should get him running. I don't know why he was having a problem when CMBO & CMBB weren't, but apparently some video drivers (possibly particular versions) seem to be a little more picky about certain software setups than others.

If this doesn't work, then you may want to have him email me his CMBO & CMBB prefs files and more details about his video card, drivers, OS, etc.

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