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Mem or Vid upgrade?


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Was going to flip a coin about either getting some more ram (currently at 256mb> or going for a better graphics card <currently Geforce2 mx200>. What would yeild the better performance while playing cmbo/cmbb. I was going to go with the video card but have heard mixed opinions and would like some more suggestions before I take the hardware plunge (AGAIN). Thanks in advance


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Depends on how much you want to spend....

Memory is cheaper than a video card upgrade. If you're going from 128 to 256, you may not notice a whole lot of difference in CM (unless you run a lot of programs in the background while playing CM).

A significantly faster video card will cost you quite a bit more, but will probably improve the performance in CM more than a memory upgrade might. The issue here is to get a video card that is significantly faster than what you have now. I'd suggest sticking with the NVidia GeForce line since they support all of the features in CM right now (other cards still need driver updates that may not support all of the features in CM). A GeForce 2 Titanium 64Mb AGP can cost somewhere around US$90 and would be an improvement over your current card. You can also go up to the GeForce 3 Titanium 200 64Mb AGP for around US$160. The GeForce 4MX's I'm not so sure about since they're really an MX version of the GeForce 3 rather than the GeForce 4. Of course there are more expensive cards, but here's a starting point.

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