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Crossover cable connection


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OK.. probably a simple fix, but I've been out of the IT industry too long...

One machine XP, one Win2K Pro. Using a crossover cable, all the appropriate link lights flash. TCP is obviously required to play TCP multiplayer, and we have to manually assign IP addresses since obviously we've no IP server.

Alas, we seem to have hit a bit of a snag that the two machines aren't pinging away at each other. We've put in the same subnet mask for both machines, and each has a manual IP address. Gateway is left blank since there's no Internet to gate to. Not gone anywhere near DNS or Advanced Settings...

Anyone have any ideas?


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I use my old pc for backup, i use a crossover cable too.

I cant use tcp/ip , cant get connection.( btw i have read more people have problems with TCP/IP and a small LAN with 2 PC's )

I installed NetBEUI from the W XP cd and i have connnection.

Im not shure if you can use NetBEUI and CM however....


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Possibly not the best idea, but put in for the 'gateway' the IP address of the other computer. If that doesn't work (which it vary well may not), then put in a very basic address of or whatever the lowest usuable address is in your non-routing range is. With both computers in the same subnet/networking-area there should be little need for a gateway. DNS addresses should also not be required since you're not using that service for ping (as long as you're not using a URL to ping with) or CM.

NetBEUI won't work by itself for CM's purposes since it is using TCP packets to move data between the two computers. CM doesn't utilize any NetBEUI functions. 'NetBEUI or TCP/IP' is a standard for Windows 2K/XP and is generally recommended for creating the 'windows workgroups' ('named' clients). It's best use in this case is to confirm that the computers can see each other.

Was this 'crossover' cable manufactured or 'home made' ? If it is homemade, then there is a possibility that something was mis-wired (even if you have the correct 'link' lights). If it was manufactured, then this should rarely be a problem.

You may want to make sure in the Device Manager listing's control panel for the network interface card that both cards are using the same data rate (or set to autodetect), especially in regards to full and half duplex. If they're the same card, make sure that they're using the same driver (rarely an issue, but just in case there's a particular bug...).

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