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Your thoughts on this system?

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Hello All,

I've had good luck with my previous Dell systems, and intend to purchase another. The idea behind replacing my current system (from year 2000) is to be ready for CMX2, but at the same time (and this is imperative)... Still be able to play CMBB and CMAK with better speed and graphics.

I am wondering if the Dimension 8400 system below will work (for another 4 years)? It seems like a good value that might operate both CM game engines.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 630 with HT Technology

(3GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)

Microsoft Windows XP

Media Center Edition 2005

1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

160GB SATA Hard Drive

19" Dell UltraSharp Digital

Flat Panel Display (1905FP)

256MB PCI Express x16

NVIDIA GeForce 6800

16x DVD-ROM Drive

16x Max CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW)

Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS (D)

Sound Card

Dell 5650 Surround Sound 5.1

Speaker System with Subwoofer

Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003

(includes Excel)

The above is copied from a Dell catalog, and also gives an E-value Code: 6F893-D50426R

The catalog also offers the option of upgrading the Hard Drive to one of the following (for $160):

160GB Raid 1

320GB Raid 0

Are either one of these HD upgrades important for speeding up the current and future CM game engines?

I'm pretty much set on Dell. I don't know squat about computers, so I want something I can just plug-in and go... without having to mess around with much.

Thanks for your time,


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Originally posted by Jack Carr:

I would think that the specs you posted would handle CMX2. It's overkill for the current CM engine. How much does this system cost?

Well... if it lasts 4-5 years (as my current Dell has), it averages out to less than $2 (U.S.) a-day... which seems reasonable if it can play both CM game engines.


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i've got the 8300 version, works fine for CM, and I suspect will have no problem with CMX2

the ultra sharp 19in flat is very nice - i so don't miss my 21in CRT taking up my entire desk

i'd got with the GTO graphics card if i was going to spend more on anything, but it's not necessary

the RAID options aren't necessary either - unless you're paranoid about losing data, in which case RAID 1 would of course be useful, as for RAID 0, while it's faster, it's not 160 bucks faster, so I'd skip that one

btw, if you set up a My Account, you'll get e-mails with the latest promotions, so if you're not in a particular hurry and want the best deal you can watch for the next promo on the 8400, or for a free flat 15in which then makes the 19in flat upgrade less expensive

if you run into any snags, e-mail me or post back here, i have some familiar with dell ;)

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Just about top of the range system. You might want to get another 6800GT and SLI it with the other one. This gives you 2 PCI Express x16 graphics cards. Should be able to get one for sub £200. This will give you more than enough for the next 6-12 months. Your system really is an overkill for Combat Mission, but excellent for Doom3 and HL2. I got the Dell 2405 24" wide screen TFT recently and with my 6800 Ultra, combat mission is out of this world in detail and graphics. Slightly stretch cos it does not support 1920x1200, but still exceptable to view and play, but the screen is BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

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2 MB level 2 cache? I don't think so, that must be a normal Prescott with 1 MB.

Note that you don't get any advantage out of DDR2, in fact random access is a little slower.

The graphics card should be the GTO but it doesn't say so.

He cannot put in a second graphics card, the board only has one x16 PCIe slot.

There must be a way to make CM accept 1920x1200 resolution :mad:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Indeed. Too bad though that its Dell!

;) *ducks*

No seriously, I'd rather build my own rig than let mister Dell decide what I get for a substantially higher price just because I am reading 'Dell' on the side of it (in Holland anyway). Besides fiddling with it is made quite impossible. Which I agree, is for most a good thing! :D

Great you are happy with it, man! Ian told you if you would drop in a second 6800 you were ready for 6-12 months.. With this spec without the SLI config I assure you that you are ready for action for the coming two years.

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Here in the U.S. Dell is throwing online coupons around that bring complete systems to about 10% more than you would just pay for motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphic card and harddrive alone. Sometimes much less, the $750 off $1500 coupons rocked smile.gif

I'm still building my own stuff, though.

[ May 14, 2005, 07:28 AM: Message edited by: Redwolf ]

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smile.gif Still, I don't like it when you're made quite impossible to fiddle with hardware.

It's my rig and I tell what goes in at what setting. Not the manufacturer.

At work we have some Dell computers. Almost all have a very awkward on/off switch setup which result in jammed buttons quite often.

I decided to open the case and see what's inside, but I was quite surprised to see some kind of large plastic scoop inside. It looked like an air intake under the hood of your car, only this one reached from the CPU to the center of the case.

I do think it has a similar function; cooling.

Never saw such a thing before.

Just to illustrate. smile.gif

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