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Pearl Harbor

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very true, ironically

cuz they were in the harbor, they were of course close to shore and rescue

if i were japan, i wouldnt have attacked pearl

all it did was awaken the sleeping giant and REALLY REALLY REALLY tick america off

which is not a wise thing to do wen ur fighting the most powerful country on the face of the earth....

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If I was the Japanese i would have done more than attack the ships and the airfields.

I would have sent over at least two more attack waves to knock out the fuel tank farms,the sub base,the dry docks and ammo depots.

That would have crippled the US Pacific fleet for months.

Actually,Genda(who planned the PH raid),planned for at least 3 attack waves. The third wave was to hit at the military infrastructure. Fortunately for the US Nagumo chickend out and turned around after the second wave landed.

My personal feeling has always been that Nagumo was the wrong man to command the Japanese main carrier fleet. He was too catious at Pearl Harbor,and too indecisive at the battle of Midway.

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