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Naval-Air Warfare

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Hi people, I do not see aircrafts in the pictures of BF. why?.

It is important that the player can use the aircraft squadrons to attack fleets of ships or aircrafts. The most decisive Naval battles ,as the battle of Midway, use the squads of bombers or Fighters.


On the other hand , if "Modern naval battles" can use the squads of fighters or bombers in combination with terrestrial targets, the game can take a new way , that can include a global strategical vision and new tactical lines, as the battle of England or the attack on pearl harbour.

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I think alot of people are going to end up being very disapointed in this game.

Simply because they think this game is something it's not. It's a pc game based off a card game. Not a "highly detailed WW2 naval sim"

I expect it to be alot of fun,but I don't expect the detail some people seem to think the game will have.

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