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Interesting articles on air war in the East

Guest Mike

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Luftwaffe and attrition - the LW was a mess by the end of 1941!!

From the archives of Bletchley Park - summry for Nov 1943 - about 1/2 way down it notes that the LW strength in the east fel from about 2000 a/c in July to 1550 in September.

LW OOB's and strength returns from various times and places, including several for the East front between 1941 and 1945.

soviet developments 1925-1942 - from Global Security - an unusual analysis of early Soviet military aviation from a Western source.

German airforce vs russia - several large PDF's by a former LW General ;published by the USAAF after the war. also on this page are links to similar documents by different authors on the French and Polish campaigns, LW preparations for Sealion, defence agaisnt the Western bombers, etc.

LW Strategy for defeat - 20.5 mb PDF of a book by William Murray (see here for description)

I know I've got more stuff on hte VVS too but I can't sem to find it just now - it's probably at home so I'll have a look there.

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