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Can anyone help with video card settings?

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I've installed about 50-60 megs worth of mods and I feel that my comp is bogging down a little bit.

I have a decent computer so I dont think it should be.

I have

P4 1.5 GHZ


40 Gigs

Geforce 2 MX

I was looking at the settings for my Geforce and I wondered if raising the memory alloted for textures would make things a little smoother

I'll show you a shot to show you what I mean.

I really dont like dinking around with things because they usually get all facked up. Should I just leave things as they are?


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I have almost the same configuration you have but a different card TNT2 32 mb

And my mods are about 127MB

I have no problems though.

I dont know what it can be but I advice you to go to the tech forum.

You will meet the upper guru of CM technical problems ther:


A guy who knows everything and should be on BTS payroll :D

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Originally posted by K_Tiger:

Pff.. Videosettings...damn where can i get this desktop picture....??? I give you a hint, close all those Display propertys and post this pic again... :D

I made sure that all the cleavage was strategically blocked just for people like you K_Tiger ;)

Ok I'll look up this dude on the Tech forum-I would have posted this there originally except I wasnt aware that there was one *slaps self*

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I've seen some recommendations to set "Use up to xxxMb of system memory for textures in PCI mode" at two-thirds of your actual system memory (i.e. - 128Mb of main RAM would have a setting of 84Mb here). How helpful this maybe I'm unsure of. Other settings will typically involve trading visual quality for speed: mip-mapping, anti-aliasing (a big speed hit), etc.

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SlowMotion is correct: since CM uses DirectX, changing the openGL settings won't affect CM. You can go to the Direct3D settings tab and you should find something similar there which you might want to play around with though. I think you should be able to do this fairly risk free.

Nice desktop! ;-O


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