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problem designing operation


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What version of CM are you designing the operation with ? I'm no authority on operations in CM, but I believe the "front line" code still isn't as flexible as most of would want it to be.

Sometime after 1.05 there was some patches to the "front line" determination between battles for operations. This allowed the lines to be less than straight. However it probably isn't as flexible as you're hoping, especially in a situation where the operational possession of a map side will change from the presets at the beginning of the scenario. To get the most out of it you should set the (don't have my manual handy...) "buffer zone" to 0 meters and possibly set any map edge that will/could become dominated by either player to neutral.

Someone else probably has some more helpful hints, but it may be impossible to do what you want with CMBO unfortunately. Hopefully Charles will take a serious look at the front-line determination code and make it work for all sorts of uneven battle lines (an attempt was made to code this before CMBO was released, but it apparently ended up being way too complex to implement from a coding standpoint).

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