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Meaning of Performance


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Hi there,

after being completely lost on the meaning of Performance :confused: , could Dan or somehow who really knows give me a clear definition of what it means and what the effect is on the game.

I heard various interpretations so far:

- max number of cards on hand(any phase)

- max number of cards on hand(at the end of draw phase)

- max number of cards I can draw

- max number of cards where I can still get cards when I can draw

- max number of maneuvers I can do in one turn.

Here two propositions I dont really think are true...

- max number of 2:Destroyed I am expected to endure ( :D )

- max number of hours non-stop I am allowed to play this great game( :D )

The Quickstart overview says:

Performance – The maximum number of cards you can normally hold in your hand.
I already met other people in the chat room who also had issues with that.

Please help me,

I am totally confused and frustrated with this thing... Tomb tried to teach me this afternoon, but somehow I still haven"t got it right.

The problem for me is I dont know when/if/what I should discard as far as my Performance is concerned.

Thanks a lot!

Great game nevertheless even if I am cannonfodder.


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It's the maximum number of cards in your hand at the beginning of a turn. Different planes will have different performance levels and allow different hand sizes. Not coming into play right now because it looks like all nationalities start with planes that have performance 6.

I think there's a few exceptions where it can go up or down a little but that's the rule of thumb.

As far as discarding. Don't....unless you would go over your maximum.

If you have 3 cards at the end of your turn and your horsepower is 3 and your performance is 6, you shouldn't discard anything because you will just be wasting cards.

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Performance is the maximum number of cards that you can draw up to. As has been pointed out, the number of cards in your hand can exceed your performance. This is usually because of diving, although some skills can do that for you as well.

Suppose that you have a Performance of 6, a Horsepower of 2 and 5 cards in your hand when it comes time to discard and draw. If you don't discard anything, then you will only be able to draw one card, even though your Horsepower is 2. That's where your Performance limits you. If you discard a card, then you can draw 2 cards.

As PeterK pointed out, if the number of cards in your hand plus your Horsepower is less than or equal to your Performance, there is no reason to discard anything.

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