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Apple Laptop that plays CM

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Sadly no, all new G4 Laptops will not boot in OS9. You need to go back a few generations to the early Titanium Powerbooks to get decent CMBO video performance and OS9 booting.

You can for a while still buy a 14" iBook with 32mb of video ram and OS9 booting and they are quite cheap. They are alos more than adequate processor wise for running the current crop of CM products. The 12" iBook is also good but the screen is a bit on the small side.

Hope that helps.

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I have an old G3 iBook, 12inch screen, 600MHz, and it plays CM just fine (8M video ram). I stay away from huge battles, but since I dont like them anyway, I dont miss them.

it does take a bit of time to crank through the turn calculations, but very usable.

and I like the smaller form factor for travel, etc. small, light package.

I highly recommend the iBook (I run OSX for everything except CM)


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