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Detonator 3 drivers for Nvidia cards

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I have a Diamond Viper V770 32MB TNT2 Ultra video card and I have recently d/l'ed the Detonator 3 drivers. My question is, how do I go about installing them and can I just install them over my current drivers?

I have been using the last official Diamond driver update from Feb. 2000. I have never used "generic drivers" from Nvidia or anything. But from what I've read about reviews of these Detonator drivers is that they are like LiveWare drivers for SBLive sound cards where these drivers will work for any Nvidia card on the market.

I did a search on them and got some info on the Detonator 2 drivers from back in June or so. Any feedback would be appreciated before I install them. Thanks


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You should probably uninstall your Diamond drivers first. Go into the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and see if there is an option to uninstall the drivers.

If not, just go into the Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Display -> Properties -> Driver -> Update Driver... Select the option to choose from a list of drivers, and choose the (Standard Display Types) <at the top of the list>. Then select a Standard Display Adapter (VGA). Reboot, and then install the new NVidia drivers. The reference drivers should work fine for you.

Good luck,



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