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DiF questions

Larry Welborn

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Hello Dan,

I have a few questions about the PC version:

1) Will the game contain the planes from all 4 of the boardgames?

2) Will there be campaign games?

3) Computer opponent?

4) What, other than graphics, will be added to the PC game that is not in the board game?



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Hi Larry,

I've been working with Dan as the programmer on this project, so I can shed a little light on some of your questions.

The plan right now is to include aircraft from four countries: USA, UK, Germany and Japan. For each of those nations, there will be a nice progression from relatively weak early war aircraft to the powerful and deadly late war aircraft.

The fun part is that you don't get to just jump in and fly the bad boys right off the bat. You create and name pilots who have to earn the right to fly better aircraft. As the pilots earn experience points, the better aircraft "unlock".

Campaign games are being looked at real hard right now. We know you guys are probably going to want them. We'll keep you posted.

There will definitely be computer (AI) opponents.

As far as what will be different from the board game, I've already mentioned the named pilots and the aircraft "unlocking". Pilots will also be able to earn skills, and of course, they may get killed (can you say, "start over").

We're still in alpha testing right now, so we don't want to get too specific on what will or won't be in the released version. That's why I didn't list specific aircraft or pilot skills.

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