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Strange Bug

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I was recently playing a TCP operation, when we started to get disconnected regularly before the movie of one particular turn. So we started to play it PBM.

A new game in the operation started, and I forgot to set up one of my Shermans. So one turn 1 I ordered it to move. At the end of the movie, it had gone about 50 m. Now here is the strange part. During my plot phase, another identical tank to the 1st one appeared where the 1st tank had originally been. Same commander, same tank. But now there were 2 of them.

On the turn 2 movie, both were able to move.

Anybody see this before?

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Similar things have been seen (but not by me). I believe that this problem is only related to TCP/IP play and nothing else (though you stated that this game was being continued via PBEM). I don't know if there is a solution for this problem, it (duplicating items) was thought to have been eradicated when 1.12 came out.

Duplicated barbed wire:


Duplicated crews (which has happened to several people):



This is the on-going thread for TCP/IP problems which mostly focuses on captured crews and requests for BTS "to do sumfink":


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