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Saved Game Problems

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Hello, just got this great game and I love it! However, when I try to save a quick-battle or scenario, it will go to the save game screen and I will give it a name and click "ok" but when I quit and try to find the game later there is no trace of it. I am using Alt-s as the manual says but this is very frustrating. Can you not save the quickbattles or scenarios, or am I just not finding them? Any help is appreciated in advance. :confused:

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It sounds like you are running CM off of the CDROM rather than from a hard drive installation. When you do this the scenario list comes off of the CDROM and you won't see saved games or user-created scenarios. Either run the installer and do a Full Install (347Mb) or create a directory and copy the entire contents of the CM CDROM to it (though you won't need the install program). The CDROM has the same directory structure as it will when it is installed to the hard drive.

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You've already performed the Full Install, correct ? If so, then it is probably your shortcut that is causing you to play off of the CDROM (be aware that the CDROM needs to be in the drive when you start the game for copy protection purposes).

If the shortcut to CM is on your desktop, right click on it and select the Properties item from the menu that pops up. Click on the Shortcut tab (if it doesn't come up by default) and in the line for Target make sure it says (assuming that you accepted the default installation location) C:\Program Files\CMBO\Combat Mission.exe. Make sure that the Start in line says C:\Program Files\CMBO. Click the OK button and you should be ready to go.

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