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trying to get my 600x400 to 800x600

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Assuming that you're running CMBO on a PC and you used the default installation location...

Go to the C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO directory and delete the Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs file. When you launch CM again it will go through the resolution/refresh rate selection process, starting with your current desktop resolution (but possibly starting at a higher, though available, refresh rate than you are currently running). So before launching CM again make sure you're at running at a resolution that is equivalent or higher than what you want to run CM at. CM will also not use some non-standard resolutions that are available from some cards (but 640x480 and 800x600 are standard resolutions).

There's also the possibility that CMBO didn't detect your video card as being capable of DirectX 3D acceleration. Why this happens, I'm not sure - sometimes there is something not quite correct with some users' driver setups.

If the above doesn't work for you, then reply back to this thread with more details on your computer (OS, video card, sound card, etc.).

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