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First let me state that the editor is already great smile.gif .

There are some things that could be improved though.

Issue 1: Annoying Micromanagement when doing changes to costs/combat values etc. for an unit for all countries.

Very often you want to modify units for all countries or at least 90% of the countries at once, like e.g. giving all Armies +1 soft defence.

Currently you have to do this exactly 20-30 times for all 20-30 countries.

Suggestion: Allow to select mutliple countries at once through shift or ctrl + leftclick.

This way you can then easily select all countries or all minors to do changes.

Issue 2:

Research editing.

I would love if you could also edit the tech effects. This way i could make a mod where each country gets specific tech advances and thus specific units.

So i could for example give germany Lvl 6 tanks that get +3 to soft/hard attack/defence but also -2 movement and +50% additional costs. These tanks would represent then e.g. Mauspanzer smile.gif .

Currently you can only increase/decrease the combat values for the Lvl 0 unit. But my suggested system would be more flexible smile.gif .

Then you could e.g. give the german lvl 0-2 tanks -1 to some values and the russian ones +1-2 to some values to represent the difficulties the germans had early with the russian t-34 and kv-1 models. With later techs then the german tanks get stronger though (and also more expensive and less mobile).


If this is too much work i would understand smile.gif . But then please at least increase the maximum IT production increase adjustment. This way i could e.g. set initial US Industry Modifier to 25% but give them +150% per IT tech level. This would model their gearing up better or could at least lead to some nice scenarios smile.gif .

According to a chart in the "Kriegstagebuch des OKW" the usa spent in 1940 1,5 Billion $ in prices of 1944 for armament , in 1941 4,5 Billion $ and in 1943 37,5 Billion $.

Especially for a World Scenario with Japan increasing the maximum amount of extra MPP per IT level would be cool, then you could easily mod this smile.gif .

Issue 3:

When editing placed units allow to edit unit properties when you have selected multiple units.

Atm you can select multiple units but then you cannot edit their properties anymore.

If you could select all 10 or 20 corps you placed at once e.g. and with 1 click upgrade them / edit their entrenchment this would save a lot of work compared to selecting them one after the other as you have to do now.

Also adding 2 buttons there, 1 named max entrenchment and the other one max upgrades would help a lot. Then you would select just 20 or 30 units, click on properties and then on max entrenchment and the editor entrenches them all to the maximum possible entrenchment level.

Issue 4:

Allow placing units beyond the maximum build level. In some cases you could want to give e.g. germany at the beginning of the scenario 40 corps but still leave their number of corps to build at hard build limit at 20.

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And OT 3 requests for a future patch:

Request 1:

Allow the game to run in window mode. This way while your enemy does his turn you can read in a forum, play another game etc. .

Currently you can Alt+Tab but i have noticed that if i do not Alt+Tab back before my opponent submits his turn the game gives a retrival error then and needs to be rehosted.

Request 2:

Enable a Chatlog smile.gif .

Request 3:

Could the Western Allies transport be eventually made less MM-Intensive?

That you can deploy US and GB troops everywhere when they are built, but if you deploy them e.g. in France you just pay 10% of their value in MPP as deployment costs.

Because currently especially if you play with a mod that adjusts the US MPP the transport of reinforcements to GB/France etc. is a bit dull and mm intensive and thus imho unnessecary. This new feature could be added as an option so that ppl who hate MM like me could enable it where MM fanatics could turn it off smile.gif .

But imagine playing with larger Map and modded MPP, if the US gets e.g. 1000 MPP per turn, then you would have to move around hundreds of armies. In such a case i think you would "waste" 10-20% of your gaming time with this dull task.

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Customization of unit values when attaining each research level.(like Boron's tank example)

Like when Heavy Bombers or AFs reach level 5 their soft and hard attack values go up 1 to 2(SA and TA).

This would simulate the real life byproducts that are sometimes created when doing specific research.

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Originally posted by SeaMonkey:

Customization of unit values when attaining each research level.(like Boron's tank example)

Like when Heavy Bombers or AFs reach level 5 their soft and hard attack values go up 1 to 2(SA and TA).

This would simulate the real life byproducts that are sometimes created when doing specific research.

It would also help a lot for total conversion mods i think. Then someone could for example maybe make a battletech or star wars mod.

I did not mention it yet, the ability to add new units is missing too i think. Or is this already possible?

This way someone could e.g. maybe diversify ships more, then you have cruisers, carriers, submarines, destroyers, battleships, and light and heavy cruisers.

Or you could split the luftwaffe into 5 units instead of 2: Marine Bombers, Stukas, Tactical Bombers, Strategic Bombers and Fighters.

The possibilities would be unlimited smile.gif .

The SC 2 engine is imho really good because it is so abstract but still has lots of possibilities. I would love to play Mods in a few years that have a totally different conflict/universe.

Currently it seems slightly limited, anything from WW1 till Future seems easily possible, but making e.g. a mod that plays in the time of the roman empire or barbarian invasion or in the middle ages seems a bit too complicated.

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