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Other Legend stats:

Favorite Baseball team: Detroit Tigers

Politics: Off the scale, Perot, Bush

Religion: Saved

Favorite hex board game: Squad Leader

2nd Favorite: U.S. Civil War

Golf handicap: 6

Favorite food: Chicken, Sushi

Brew: When riding the mower

Vacation spots: Daytona Beach, Gettysburg

Cars: Honda Element, Volvo

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Male, 38, Louisville Ky, Drive fords only.... First two wargames recieved for Christmas at age of 11, " Stalingrad", "Victory in the Pacific", still have them to this day along with the others. Married for 11 years, 9 yr old daughter, 2 1/2 yr old daugher and finally a young up and coming wargamer, my 6 month old boy.

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Male, 21, Netherlands

Seems to me that the avarage age is quite high.

interrest in WW2 is something i think comes with age, young people ussualy have other things wich their interrested in.

And yes i'm also 'young' but i've been hoocked on history since i read a series of comics about Dutch history when i was 8. and no it just proffessionally tongue.gif studdying to become a historian, altough not specialised on WW2

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More non-legendary in my own lunchtime info:

Favorite Baseball team: What's baseball?

Favourite Rugby Team apart from the All Blacks: Crusaders 4-eva! - Super 12 champions, Super 14 champions - Rugby union - a game for men!

Politics: Left wing capitalist fair marketeer

Religion: Save myself a lot of time effort and angst by not bothering with it.

Favorite hex board game: Hitler's War - although it's been a while since I played any board wargames!

Golf handicap: very

Favorite food: Dead animal.

Brew: Anything 4% or more

Vacation spots: everything outside work - why limit yourself?

Cars: Mitsi Verada, Triumph Stag

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Anything but legendary statistical data:

Favorite Baseball team: Atlanta Braves

Politics: Democratic right wing

Religion: maybe when I`m 70 and don`t have any friends

Favorite hex board game: A&A

Golf handicap: maybe when I`m 70 and don`t have any friends

Favorite food: Mortons style filet steak with bayou blast finish

Brew: Bitburger

Vacation spots: Cruises-- Costa Atlantica rocks

Cars: my current one BMW E46 M3 Convertible

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