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Anyone still have install file for CMMOS 3.02.02?

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I have to replace the hard drive in my computer (due to its impending death) and have been using ver 3.02.02 of CMMOS and haven't updated it since I've modified the core files to add several of my own mods that weren't CMMOS'ed. I deleted the original install application, but I have backed up all the CMMOS core files to disk. Can I just cut and paste these into C:\Program Files on the new drive and have CMMOS work, or will I need the original install file first? Alternatively, if I have to install 4.03, or whatever the newest version is, can I just copy my CMMOS files over the default versions?

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For whatever it's worth, I've added a few rules (as opposed to rulesets) and made light modifications to existing rules, and the program has been willing to recognize the changes.

But I think the real answer is, it depends. CMMOS was always kind of finnicky, and I would sometime surprise myself (and, on occasion, Gordon) with what would and would not work when you added it.

There are two issues here. First, you have to have file lists in place to support whatever rules or rulesets you use. Second, you probably shouldn't make too many changes and expect the program to work as designed. How many is too many ? Haven't a clue, but I think a gradualist approach is always best with something like this.

For the record, I've been running several rulesets that are not part of the official release for many, many versions of CMMOS. I just keep a list of my own unofficial changes and always back them up, then add them back to the most recently installed version of CMMOS.

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What I wound up doing was downloading and running the main Cmmos.exe for 4.02, or whatever from CMHQ's ftp area, then copied and pasted all my saved core files/rulesets into the new CMBO folder within the CMMOS folder in C\Programs. It reverted the ver 4.02 back to 3.02.002 and everything runs just like it did on the original install on my old HDD. I didn't want to start from scratch because I had built tabs for switching US uniforms, Commonwealth uniforms, as well as creating several of my own mods within existing tabs, like adding my own tank mods etc. I would've lost all the tinkering I'd done with it over the last couple of years if I'd had to reinstall all the rulesets from scratch. Well, maybe not "lost", but I would've had to go in and re-add each revision I've made individually, and it would've been a major pain. Luckily, that didn't happen.

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