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TCP/IP ports: How and what to open?

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(I apologize if there's something already on the boards somewhere to this effect, but I searched and couldn't find anything.)

I think I need to get port 7023 open to play the TCP/IP version, correct? Is there anything else I need to open?

And here's the kicker: HOW do I get those ports open? I'm using Win98se, and I'm behind the Black Ice firewall (on a cable modem) with a semi-static IP (don't ask...they supposedly update/change it weekly, but it hasn't changed for a while...weirdness).

I'd be very grateful is someone could either point me to a place to get this info or post it here.

Thanks heaps!

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You'll probably want to read over the instructions in your manual for opening/unblocking an individual port address. Here are some knowledgebase items from NetworkICE that may be applicable:

Disabling "firewalling" on all ports:


"Firewall.ini" settings (for manually putting in port addresses for TCP/UDP):


Listing of Knowledgebase articles:


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Thanks for the info! That's really useful. (How come I didn't find that stuff!)

As it turns out, I am having NO trouble hosting the beta v1.1, even behind the firewall (Black Ice) with it on the "Nervous" setting (level 3 of 4, and 4 is "Paranoid").

My hat's off to the BTS guys for getting this beta off to such a good start. Well done to all hands!

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Black Ice has a "trusted sites" feature. If you add the IP address of your opponent to the list, you should not need to open ports.

Caution: I would probably not leave a slew of trusted sites on my list unless I was 100% sure who I was dealing with. The CM group is full of good folks, but it only takes one.....

Good Luck

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