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black screen alt-tab doesnt refresh


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I recall testing a Trident videocard (not a Cyberblade though) with CMBB and seeing a similar problem. Unfortunately the product I tried was at the end of its life and no newer drivers were available. I'm not sure why there would differences between CMBB & CMAK, but some people have run into some with different video cards.

Do you have a Prefs file in your CMAK directory ? Usually one won't be written out if you can exit from CM properly. In this case I assume that you're not even seeing the resolution selection screens, is that correct ? Do you know what resolution and refresh rate you run CMBB at on this laptop ? I can possibly send you a Prefs file for a particular resolution (though it may not work since you're using a different video card and monitor).

What Windows version and what laptop model do you have ? Unfortunately the only way to get an update to your drivers is to get them from the laptop manufacturer (or search for one from a different manufacturer - some Compaq laptops use this chip). Anyway, a driver update may help with this issue, but quite possibly not.

Does CMBB currently work on your setup ?

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You may want to check to see if there is a newer driver available from Toshiba.

You may want to try setting your desktop refresh rate to 60Hz and select a resolution from CMAK that is the same as your desktop and the same as your desktop's refresh rate (60Hz). See if this offers any improvement.

I'm not sure why CMBB and CMAK would show a difference in this particular regard. Did you play the CMAK Demo and did it have the same problem ?

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