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CMBB Demo and Quincunx Antialiasing

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Supposedly the 29.4x and the 30.82 drivers fixed all of the FSAA mode problems of the GeForce4 family (the earlier GeForce cards didn't have these problems).

It is highly suggested that you don't use the 40.41 Detonators (the latest beta available from NVidia this time around). They are completely problematic in CM and other games (despite some higher benchmark scores in DirectX).

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Supposedly the 29.xx/30.xx drivers fixed the Quincunx AA mode problems that were appearing on the GeForce 4. You won't see Quincunx on anything less than a GeForce3 series to my knowledge.

The latest 40.41 drivers have some problems with FSAA and it's best to turn OFF FSAA (by selecting 'Allow applications to control antialiasing mode' (which usually means no FSAA). A number of games are having problems with these latest drivers. It figures, NVidia fixed up things pretty well with the 30.xx series and when they attempt to add more performance something gets broken.

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