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What about the possibility of some troop and naval loops for the Persian Gulf, separate from the Suez links so the choice could be made.

This would give the Allies another avenue of approach for the MidEast and in later games if Iraq and Iran are not Axis, the USSR southern flank could be protected.

Perhaps a later patch?

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Guest Mike

They landed troops in Basra, but they also invaded overland from Syria - Baghdad was taken when the Govt fled at het approach of "Habforce", which had been created in Palestine and marched overland - 500 miles in a week, and fought several actions agaisnt the Iraqi army which was supported by Italian a/c.

Eg see The other gulf war.

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I think the argument for a basra-atlantic convoy route isn't whether it was used historically but whether it *could* have been used in a what-if situation. The most obvious example being evacuating allied troops from basra via the atlantic loop when rommel pushes through egypt etc.

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