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Viper 2/ graphic problem


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Im playing the CM demo, and when playing the game, the top portion of the screen (sky,etc.)is flickering and graphics appear to smear & studder,but only on the top quarter of the screen. Also,in the mess of flickers and smudges,I can see my desktop icons appear through the top of the screen as if it were somewhat transparent. I have all the latest drivers and soforth. Ive tried numerous tweaks in my control panel/display to resolve the problem. I think this is a great game but Im afraid to buy it because of this. I have the diamond viper 2 S3 2000 video card/p2400/win 98/160mb ram/sb live. Any suggestions? Thanx

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I'm not sure which driver you're using. I'm assuming it is probably the latest one posted from Diamond/S3. Here is another driver that is a bit newer, but I don't know if it will resolve your problem (which is a bit strange). I would suggest uninstalling your current driver and installing the Standard/Super VGA driver first and then installing this driver.

S3 Savage 2000 driver (v.9.51.09a, 8-22-00):


There's also an S3TC Tweak utility you may also want to download. You can also get the latest version of this utility here (link):


What motherboard do you have ? Have you checked with the manufacturer's website to see if there are any known possible problems between it and some AGP cards ? Have you checked for any BIOS updates for your m/b ?

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