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Will 2GB ram make a big difference?

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I'm trying to suss out exactly what it is that makes CM tick - at the moment I've got a very high spec pc but I am still finding myself having to wait for up to a minute for the blue bar to compute in larger scenarios.

My current spec :- AMD FX53 @ 2.7ghz, watercooled so its totally silent, (very important to me), ATI 9800XT, 1GB PC3500 ECC, couple of 7200rpm drives, optical drives etc. Basically, pretty top spec.

Now will 2GB make a difference to the computation time do you think? Or would RAID 0 on two 10000rpm Raptors make any? Or would both features help? I'm prepared to invest some cash in this to get it right, so any advice would be welcomed.

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I doubt that either the RAID or the extra memory will make a significant dent in turn computation time. I don't even know if CM would utilize up to 2Gb, even for large scenarios.

The RAID would help when it comes to the initial load time of the scenario/op, but I doubt it would make too much of a difference for the turn computation time (I'm not aware of exactly how much data may be temporarily written to the hard drive during this period).

The biggest difference in turn computation time is the CPU/FSB speed. There's a lot of floating-point math being computed (LOS checks, ballistics and penetration calcs, etc.) and anything that helps with that will speed up the turns. With your setup I guess you'll just have to wait for faster CPUs.

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